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California has relaxed restrictions around in-person meetings as we emerge from the pandemic. Office and public location meetings are now permitted. Conferences by Zoom are still an option. Use any of the booking buttons below, and I will follow up with you. In person meetings are with or without masks at your request.  However, our offices are largely maskless at this point.

~Jason Allen

The pandemic reshaped how we engage with one another. Zoom expanded our ability to connect one-on-one and in groups.  With that in mind and the accelerated pace of buying and selling property, I've created this portal through which we can schedule time to meet. 

Existing clients, prospective clients, or non-clients may use this site. My goal is to be transparent about my schedule and accommodate when possible our intersecting opportunities to get together and discuss business. 

Separately, while I live year-round in Palm Springs, I keep a foot in the San Francisco Bay Area and the greater Washington, DC area.


It's just a fact that after growing up in The City, I've maintained a lifetime of friends and family that I see as often as time allows. For those in The Bay Area, Zoom is a fantastic way for us to discuss San Francisco real estate, Palm Springs real estate, or both. I started my career as a San Francisco Realtor®, and I fully understand the dynamics of those market forces. 

Similarly, once licensed in The District and Virginia, I understand the differences between east coast "table signings" and west coast "escrow closings." It's shift in process and one I can fully explain.  

When possible, I travel to other parts of the country to see friends, family and sites or attend conferences. In those cases, I love meeting with folks wanting to learn about Palm Springs real estate or housing in the Coachella Valley in general. 

For those that don't know me, I'm not a "salesy" guy. Connecting with me is a no-pressure opportunity to discuss your housing dreams. They're always confidential and a great way to speak to someone who can help you make your jump to the desert. 

I look forward to connecting with you someday soon.