While I live year-round in Palm Springs, I keep a foot in the San Francisco Bay Area.


It's just a fact that after growing up in The City, I've maintained a lifetime of friends and family that I see often. Scheduling time to meet with real estate clients and prospective real estate clients in San Francisco is easy. I post the dates on this website home page under the "Upcoming Events" section and let you find an open time slot. This is a chance for us to discuss San Francisco real estate, Palm Springs real estate, or both. I started my career as a San Francisco Realtor®, and I fully understand the dynamics of the market forces there. 

I also travel to other parts of the country to see friends and family. I add those to the "Upcoming Events" section when I believe time will allow me to meet with folks wanting to learn about Palm Springs real estate or housing in the Coachella Valley in general. 

These meetings are always no-pressure opportunities to discuss your housing dreams. They're confidential and a great way to speak to someone who can help you make your jump to the desert. 

I look forward to meeting you someday soon. 


(760) 325-1900

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