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Living Out Palm Springs is Almost Here

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The afternoon April light possessed a warm glow through the construction site dust. Living Out, a new 55+ active-adult rental community, is still being built, and LuAnn Boylan offered me a hardhat tour. She is head of marketing and community leasing. And her generous spirit lends an easy understanding of how great this place is going to be when done.

Jason Allen and LuAnn Boylan stand in the new lobby of Living Out Palm Springs
Jason Allen and LuAnn Boylan in the Main Lobby of Living Out Palm

We met at a break in the fence along Hermosa. Eventually, the proper gated entry will be just south of this earth-worn, work-a-day spot. That official move-in timeline is expected sometime in this June with the grand opening to come in the fall. .

The Main Building Entrance of Living Out
Main Building Entrance of Living Out

The main building on campus is “Y” shaped as seen from above. It houses 122 apartments that range from one-bedroom, one-and-a-half bath with den to two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath with den. A secondary building along East Tahquitz is designed as retail space that serves the community’s pet needs. Yes. These apartments will allow up to two domestic animals per unit! The retailer will carry pet food and supplies; offer grooming and sitting services; and be adjacent to the community dog park play area.

Inside the main building, magic is unfolding. Modeled on a luxury hotel, the lobby will have a concierge and resident services desk; elevators for access to the second and third floors; a mailroom; a lounge with a full piano bar; and a restaurant. The bar and restaurant will be open to the general public.

Past the lobby and into the residential area a host of well-conceived spaces gives more meaning to what Living Out is all about. There is a large community room where continental breakfast will be served daily; maincure, pedicure and hair salon; a screening room; a massage room; a salon; an art studio; a fitness center, a card room; and a game room, and another lounge. Plus, Eisenhower Health will have an office with staff to meet the simple medical needs of residents, like vaccines, and quick screenings. If you’ve ever traveled by cruise ship, some of this will feel very familiar.

On the north side of the main building, a large swimming pool is going in. Lanes for laps are in the center while the sides accommodate loafing in shallow waters; three spas are separate from the pool with one adjacent to it and two others elsewhere on the property. Bocce courts, a putting green, open lawns, a citrus orchard, a rose garden, walking trails, and acres of landscaping surround fill out the complex, And, of course, there are communal grills for residents to cook outdoors amidst all lush oases.

Living Out Palm Springs embodies an opportunity for baby boomers and early Gen Xers to live year-round at summer camp among a predominantly LGBTQI+ population. Will it be exclusively for us? No. Fair housing laws prevent that. However, there is no shying away from who this project is meant to serve. If a non-LGBTQI+ person wants to live among us in harmony, all the better.

Proposed Finishes for individual Apartments
Proposed Finishes for individual Apartments

In many ways, Living Out is creating an environment much like San Francisco’s famous Castro District glory days. Or Greenwich Village in New York. Or Boys Town in Chicago. I had the good fortune to live in The Castro for a year before the connective tissue of being mostly gay frayed. It was marvelous! So, for those that didn’t have that experience, this is a unique chance to live among your own in an aging-friendly place.

Apartment rents currently range from $4,699.00 to $7,999.00 USD per month depending upon size and view. Rent includes all utilities including WiFi and cable (excluding telephone and subscriptions like Netflix or Hulu), weekly housekeeping services, daily continental breakfasts, transportation to and from local venues, and a number of other services and, of course, access to all of the property's amenities. As of writing this post, about half the units are reserved. Leases are from one to three years. FULL DISCLOSURE: an incentive is paid to me as a Realtor if I introduce you to the property and you sign a lease.

To feel right about earning that fee, I’d want to meet with you to discuss your overall real estate plan. My role as a Real Estate Planner is to discuss your real estate portfolio, which may include just your primary residence and/or investment property, and create a plan for your future living situation. Selling assets to fund your Living Out apartment may not be your best solution. Meeting for an initial consultation via Zoom or in person is at no cost to you, and it is the best way to chart a path into your future life. (NOTE: You do not pay more to rent an apartment at Living Out when you work with me; I’m happy to consult with you about living in the desert and, specifically, your adult living community options.)

Some may argue that the Living Out rents are high when compared to other apartments in The Coachella Valley. Those that make this case are comparing apples to oranges.

Living Out offers a truly unique value proposition. Nowhere is there an apartment campus dedicated to an LGBTQI+ community and our allies. And there are certainly no rentals in The Valley that offer the range of conveniences and amenities in a secure, yet open, environment. Sure, you could own a home in a gated community that offers wonderful, country club-like benefits, but those come at a premium. Moreover, they tie you to a specific home. While I firmly believe in the varied benefits of homeownership, there are those who don’t or are done with the responsibilities of upkeep; property taxes; HOA and neighborhood politics; and the shifting appearances of the properties around their investment. Renting gives one the freedom to move easily if circumstances or interests change. As an active-adult community, many Living Out residents will have children and grandchildren. Picking up sticks and moving closer to them is far easier when there isn’t the burden of selling “the family home” and deaccessioning generations of “stuff.” As a Real Estate Planner, I work with seniors throughout the process. My clear, simple, and straightforward steps take us from where you are today to where you want to go. It starts with a plan.

Living Out won’t be for everyone. That’s OK. But for some, this will feel right. Again, it will be the summer camp many of us never got to enjoy because we were left out, bullied, shunned, or shamed for being different.

If you envision a life in Palm Springs and want to enjoy the freedom of a deluxe rental community to either test the waters or as a permanent home, let’s talk about Living Out today. You can book an appointment with me on my website at or by calling me at (760) 325-1900.


  1. Adult communities are those dedicated to 55 and older residents; this is the one type of community allowed by law to be age-restricted. There are some exceptions to this rule. Look online for the exact language of the law or consult the leasing director or a REALTOR® for more details.

  2. Living Out is an active adult community for those living independently. Continuing care is not provided at this time in this development. Future plans may include expanded services.

  3. A daily continental breakfast is included and available to all residents. Restaurant and grab-and-go meals are paid at the time of use.

  4. The campus was originally conceived and designed to be condominiums. As a result, the construction is to a higher standard. For example, acoustical engineering has been incorporated to minimize sound transference between floors and units.

  5. Some cleaning services are included.

  6. Some transportation to local businesses is included.

  7. The main vehicle entrance is on Hemosa. All vehicles will exit onto Tahquitz.

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