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Revel: to take intense pleasure or satisfaction

On a fine spring day with temperatures in the mid-70s, I walked into what at first could have been mistaken for a four-star hotel lobby. Only it was homier.

Absent were the overstated fireplaces, theatrical carpeting, and requisite centerpiece fountain meant to drown out the din of crabby tourists.

Instead, there was just calm and a few convivial conversations between scattered adults around the large, well-appointed room. It was here that a concierge greeted me. Soon thereafter, I met Joe Dunnavant, sales director with Revel Communities located in Palm Desert, California.

Joe’s management skills were honed at The Four Seasons, so it was no surprise that he treated me with the sort of care and respect reserved for dignitaries. I’d come to Revel in Palm Desert on a mission of exploration in my role as a Keller Williams Real Estate Planner.

Revel in Palm Desert opened late in the COVID pandemic. That timing prevented me from getting here on opening day. But nary 18 months since then and the campus is maturing beautifully. The staff is firing on all cylinders and the landscaping appears to have been in place for years. Clearly, everyone and everything is hitting its stride.

As an independent living campus for those 55 and better, Revel offers a variety of rental apartment options for full-time residents.

Each home has a kitchen with adult-sized appliances; no one will feel as if they’re cooking on a “Barbie” stove or using a camping refrigerator. These are beautiful spaces that would pass muster with the finest cooks.

Of course, cooking is one option. The other is to eat in one of the dining areas. That might be in the main dining room, which feels like an upscale restaurant, or in the private dining room created for entertaining your own guests. There’s also poolside or indoors in the lounge. (Room service is also available.) A small ice cream shop serves excellent gelato for those with a sweet tooth.

Image of private dining room with large table and ten chairs at the REVEL Palm Desert main building
REVEL Palm Desert: Private Dining Room Available for Reservations

Outdoor recreation has you swimming in the large, saltwater pool and playing pickleball on one of the courts; indoors offers a respectable gym with stationary equipment, free weights, and guided exercise and yoga classes.

Amenities include a salon, spa, social club, theater, dry cleaning, weekly housekeeping (included in the monthly rent!), local transportation, the Revel Travel Club, 24-hour concierge, creative studio, and dog park. Yes. You can bring Fido and Fifi with you to Revel. (Pets are restricted to domestic animals in size and quantity; see the staff for details.)

Photo of a large "pub" style room with a bar, tables and chairs. Televisions are on the wall for sports and other event screenings
REVEL Palm Desert: Lounge with bar and tables for ordering from the kitchen

During my visit, I had the opportunity to enjoy lunch. It was a superb meal of two delicate shrimp tacos, lite rice, and black beans that I ordered from a menu as if I were at some new, trendy place along El Paseo. The young woman who took our order and brought us our food greeted us warmly and seemed to genuinely enjoy her work. It was so refreshing and, truthfully, I feel bad for not remembering her name.

For those that rise early, say, to join a walking group, there’s a coffee bar with fresh pastries in a lobby seating area. After all, who wants to hit the day on an empty stomach?

This is a photo of the large saltwater swimming pool at Revel in Palm Desert. The deck area that surrounds the pool has lounge chairs, chairs for seating, and tables.
REVEL Palm Desert: Saltwater Swimming Pool

My tour included seeing several model units. The smallest at 475 square feet are like well-appointed hotel suites; the large two-bedroom units are nearly 1200 square feet and feel sophisticated with a thoughtful layout and ample storage. All homes have private outdoor space commensurate to the unit size and feature laundry machines in a closet. This is truly nothing like your first apartment away from home!

One of the biggest takeaways from my visit was the sense of comfort. It was posh without being overbearing. It was welcoming without a sense of obligation. It seemed as if I’d walked into the friend of a friend’s house for Sunday dinner and was instantly part of the family. That’s rare as we age. If I lived in Revel, I’d be happy to have my family visit knowing I didn’t have to cook, do dishes, or do laundry when they were gone. I’m just not sure they’d want to leave!

This is a photo of the grand piano and a two club style chairs in seating area of the main building lobby at Revel Palm Desert.
REVEL Palm Desert: Main Building Lobby

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about my experience at Revel Palm Desert or call Joe Dunnavant directly at (760) 316-3366. Joe or one of the staff can provide the current rental rates for their homes. My advice, though, is to plan to visit. The hospitality is marvelous and just be prepared to fall in love.

Naturally, as a Certified Real Estate Planner, REALTOR®, and Senior Real Estate Specialist®, I would be happy to work with you to develop your real estate plan. Selling your current home may not be the wisest solution. I offer an asset performance test for your current rental properties if you have a real estate portfolio that extends beyond your current home. And, in some cases, we are able to restructure your holdings to benefit children and grandchildren while you are alive to enjoy the blessings of your gifts. Call me today or visit my website to learn more. Jason Allen (760) 325-1900

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