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The Dawn of Virtual Open Houses

While 2020 will be recorded as one of the most trying years of the 21st Century, for those of us in the real estate industry, these challenges have forced us to adapt. The days of holding a weekend "open house" in California are long gone. The risk and fear of COVID-19 is simply too great for the property owner, the agents involved, and the public.

Enter the agent who has the ability and fortitude to host virtual home tours.

Since the governor modified the restrictions around real estate, a few agents have jumped on the virtual tour bandwagon to show individuals and couples homes in Palm Springs. I've been doing this well before the pandemic hit, largely because I have clients dispersed across the US and Canada.

With today's technology, the process is easy. What's hard for some is getting over being on camera.

The key thing is that we all know what you look like; it's you that's not sure. Most video call applications have a smaller window with your image, whi